What is Homecoming?

Homecoming is a newsletter of short essays and poems, exploring the meaning of home through a journey across America.

Homecoming is a cry for a world in the midst of a meaning crisis. In a time when identity is being fought for by advertisers; when we’ve traded in family and place-based community and the tech that’s supposed to connect us only makes us more disconnected; when God has been discarded and what’s been put in place simply cannot hold; when we’re facing ever-increasing rates of homelessness, addiction, depression, suicide, homicide and division in America - it can be hard to know what's real and true. What does it really mean to be home? And what does it take to find it?

These stories may not read in chronological order. Some names, dates & places have been changed from the otherwise non-fictional stories.

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Emily Clibourn
I'm a writer and artist based on Nashville, Tennessee. More about me: emilyclibourn.com