Your writing is absolutely superb! You have a great way with words.

I’ve felt this exact way with my office job as a project manager.

What I’ve found that helps me is to just make time for yourself by taking a day off.

There’s never a truly right time to take a day off as a project manager, you just have to choose the one that feels right.

I’m making sure to take the day off this coming Monday to drink coffee, read my book, and do some writing for my newsletter and blog post.

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Aug 25Liked by Emily Clibourn

We have in our faith (I'm Orthodox Christian) a prayer called the prayer of the heart. In fact, it is more of a concept which states that every prayer is articulated by and should stem from the mind, but the only way to connect to God goes through the heart. Meaning the only portal which gives access to the understanding and a state of mind close to the divine is the heart. Mind is still the place where all representations take place and no one (according to this concept) should ever let him/herself prone only to emotions, but the only way to reach God and have a glimpse of the world through His eyes is through the heart. Make of this what you like, Orthodox theology is filled with paradoxical truths, but I think it comes close to what you described in your text.

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Beautiful. Let's find moments to be free together this year. That's the only way to be free, in moments. Hot white sand and warm dog pats could be in our future.

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Dec 29, 2022Liked by Emily Clibourn

This is beautifully written. I feel the weight of the chains you describe. It’s unfortunate that so many of us live so attached to urgency. Urgency to check email, check Facebook, check instagram. It’s become such a prominent part of our lives. We need to make more time for our minds to be quiet. I have not done yoga in probably 4 years. I know I need to get back to it as a way to relax. Maybe baby steps is what we all need to start with.

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