It's the end of a year and as I reflect on my life honestly, I feel I am not free but I cannot describe how exactly.

August 2022

Perhaps in life we bloom upon bloom in new ways like a revolving door or a winter that always returns.

June 2022

They will pat pat, dance dance on the soft white ground. They will tell stories with their bodies of who they are and where they come from.

May 2022

A dream and a letter to Gen Z, Millennials and everyone else

April 2022

Spring in TennesseeSpring has arrived in Tennessee

March 2022

Why Do Some Things Fit and Others Never Do? My body always tells me what it needs and it never lies.
The thing about the South is people talk to you for a while, tell you where they’re from and what they like to eat.

February 2022

Dry, Hair Whipping AirRoswell comes suddenly and is green-faced, black almond-shaped eyed, flying saucer, UFO territory.
Where are our “Let’s Get Married” signs?

January 2022

The year of the skunk was a year I learned to tell what wasn’t mine to stay away and to allow in only what was good and true.
The Water Had Light In ItI slid into the dark water, laid on my back and watched the stars. There were a lot, but also not that many.
She’s a top. Spinning. Wobbling. Better turn her again or she might stop. And I know what that feels like. For home to be something one must achieve…